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Digital Twins for Procurement
Digital Twins based on Open Standards

For state companies

  • Quality benefits
  • Anti-fraud benefits
  • Process benefits

For corporate end users

  • ROI impact
  • TCO impact
  • Riscs mitigation

For industrial automation system integrators

  • Transparent competition rules
  • Additional sales chanell

For industrial automation vendors

  • Transparent competition rules
  • Products push chanell

  • Stage 1

    Collecting requirements and proposals

    On the first stage we use web spiders, API-integration, user interface to collect procurement item descriptions, and appropriate proposals on them

  • Stage 2

    Digitalizing inputs

    On second stage we use natural language processing technologies to digitalize text in Procurement item descriptions. We use GATE instruments fo this.

  • Stage 3

    Rules check and modeling

    Automatic rules check on basis of digitalized models. It utilizes pattern recognition algorithms.

  • Stage 4

    Publishing analytical results and recomendations

    We issue the dynamic report about technical policies conformity

  • Be Part
    Of Our

iControl club

"iControl club" of expers in industrial automation and process control is responsible for rules validation

TC 185 UAS

Ukrainian Agency for Standardization Technical committee 185 "Industrial automation" is working on standard "Typical technical requirements for industrial automation systems. Qualification rules.". It is used as a basis for project rules engine.

Our Team

Not all, but mostly involved.

Romanov Maksym


Alexandre Yurchak


Gavrilov Igor